The differences between bargain and quality softboxes

When choosing softboxes, you will need to spend time comparing them. Softboxes are available in different price brackets. It might be tempting to choose the softer softboxes available. However, what are the real differences between these and the more expensive ones? If you are into professional photography, then there are quite a few reasons why you would want to invest in the more expensive softboxes.

All softboxes are designed to collect light and spread it out over a larger surface area. This softens light and makes it much easier to direct. Softboxes perform a similar job as umbrellas. By choosing the correct one, you can make it much easier to take high quality photos.


All studio lights generate a fair amount of heat. This heat gets hotter depending on the brightness of the lights that you are using. If you are using poor quality softboxes, then these will normally be made with poor quality materials. Most materials are not able to reflect light while dissipating heat. This means that many of the cheaper softboxes can't be used for long periods of time.

These cheaper softboxes will also last a shorter time. This is simply because the material will become damaged.

Poor Quality

Many of these soft boxes are made with lower quality materials. This means that they won't last as long. While these are cheaper, it could be a false economy because you will need to replace them more often.

Weak Joints

One of the best features of softboxes is that they can be collapsed and flattened. This makes them perfect for traveling because they consume such a small amount of space. To collapse, the joints need to be disconnected and the box can then be flattened.

It's important that these joints and the skeleton is as strong as possible. Many of these cheaper models have weaker framework, which can cause problems. When the frames are collapsed and opened up several times, they can become weaker. This will make it cause problems when the softbox is opened more often.

Stealing Light

Many of these cheaper softboxes are not as reflective as other models. This means that they steal light rather than reflecting it all. This will cause problems because the light won't be as bright as it should be.

How to Choose Quality Boxes

It's important to find a way of identifying a bargain and a poor quality softbox. This will be easier if you see the softbox before you purchase it. Buying on the Internet will be more difficult because you won't be able to handle it first.

Where possible, hold the softbox so that you can try and gauge the quality. It is possible to get a good deal, but you need to make sure that it's a genuine deal and not bad quality.