The Best Tripods for Your Home Movie Camera

You can shoot your home movie with ease by using a tripod with your digital camcorder. A tripod helps you steady your camcorder, which enables you to stabilize your shots. It also allows you to be in the home movie, as you can leave the camcorder for brief amounts of time.

Finding the Best Tripod

Having the best tripod for your digital camcorder is essential for shooting your home movie. It is recommended to find the best tripod that will work with your shooting style. If you are using the proper equipment, your videos will have the best results.

The following are steps for selecting the best tripod for your home movie camera.

Determine Your Budget

You will narrow down your tripod choices when you determine your budget. Tripods come in a variety of price points from under $20 to $2000. You can get a good idea of brand choices available and reviews on the products with a little research.

Tripod Head

The tripod head is where your camcorder will be attached to the tripod. Tripods typically come with a head already attached. Depending on the type of camcorder you use, you may have to buy a separate tripod head. Separate heads also allow for following your subject's movements.

The two main types of tripod heads are pan heads and ball heads. A pan head controls left to right tilt and forward to back tilt. However, if your shooting style uses more movement, a ball head would be the best choice. It will allow you to move your camcorder in a wide variety of motions.

Tripod Height

The height of your tripod is an important consideration for the quality your home movie. You must also consider if the tripod height is comfortable for you to use.

Tripods can be adjusted height wise by moving the center column. If you are tall or typically shoot your home movies while standing, you will want a tripod that will allow you to extend the legs. A short or medium tripod is best if you shoot your videos from waist level or the ground.

Support for Your Camera

Your tripod should amply support the size and weight of your camcorder. Camcorders are getting smaller and more lightweight; however, the more advanced models may be larger. Look into tripods that have been classified to bear the maximum amount of weight you will need if you have a larger camcorder.

Tripod Construction

The heavier the tripod typically the sturdier it will be. However, tripods made from carbon fiber are lightweight and very sturdy.

Weight may be a consideration. Transporting your tripod often is simpler if you choose a lighter weight tripod. If weight is not a factor but a steady shot is, a heavier tripod may be your best choice.

Popular Tripods: