The Best Camcorder Tripod for Filming a Wedding

When you're filming a wedding with your camcorder, a tripod is going to be needed. After all, you could have the best looking image in terms of focus, resolution and color, but if the shot is shaky, it's no good. Shaky shots look amateurish and can give people head aches. You might have seen some what shaky shots on TV and in commercials, but those were done with a steady cam. In a steady cam, the camera is counter balanced so it's not all over the place. It's expensive to own and not really practical for a wedding. Therefore, you need a tripod.

What to Look for in a Tripod

A good tripod for shooting a wedding needs to meet three requirements. It needs to be light weight because you will be constantly moving around all day, and there's no need to hurt yourself by dragging something heavy. It should also be sturdy because you're going to be moving it around constantly, and a cheap tripod breaking will ruin your shoot. And last, but very important, is that it should have a fluid head. A fluid head is essential because it will ease your camera movements down as they stop. Instead of an abrupt shaky end to your pan, it feathers into a stop, leaving you with graceful camera movements. The tripod should be able to perform pan and tilt moves at the same time.

Another factor in determining the tripod you will use is the weight of your camera. If you have a pretty decent new camera, it won't weight too much. You can buy a great tripod for about sixty bucks so there is no reason for you to use 'I can't afford it' as an excuse not to buy one.

You also want a tripod that you can quickly remove the camera from so you don't miss any action. Any decent tripod has a release plate. The plate works with a switch. You remove the plate and screw it into the camera. You then snap the plate with a camera back onto the tripod and can quickly remove it whenever you need to.

Tripod Accessories

A great accessory for your tripod is a spreader with wheels. This gives you the ability to roll your camera much like a dolly move in movies. This will help you achieve great shots, but it only works on flat, smooth surfaces. Otherwise, it will leave you with a shaky shot, and the whole point of the tripod is to avoid those.

Popular Tripods: