The Benefits of a Window Mounted Tripod for Safari Photos

A window mounted tripod is an ideal way of taking safari photos quickly. This window mounted tripod will also ensure that the photos are of the highest quality and are not blurred.

What Is a Window Mounted Tripod?

A window mounted tripod is a very useful tool for your camera; it's like a tripod, but it connects onto the window of your car. This will fix either using a bracket or suction cup. Window mount tripods use a standard screw mount, which makes them compatible with any camera with a screw mount on the bottom.

Benefits of a Window Mount Tripod

There are many advantages of using window mount tripods when taking safari photos. This is convenient because there's no need to carry round a large tripod with you. The car will, however, still give you a fixed location to take the photos from.

One of the biggest advantages is that the car mount tripod is portable. If you have exhausted one position, then you can easily drive somewhere else with more photo opportunities. A window mount tripod will make it much easier to take great nature and safari photos without disturbing the animals. It's even possible to sit safely inside your car and use a remote control to fire the camera without needing to stand outside.

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