Telephoto Lens Maintenance and Upkeep

A telephoto lens, also called a long lens, is a type of camera lens designed to capture a close-up shot over a long distance. These lenses are larger in size when compared to lenses with smaller focal lengths. When they're not properly cared for or supported, they can easily become damaged.

Support the Weight of the Lens

Telephoto lenses are heavy, and if you're not supporting their weight when they're attached to the camera, you could easily damage the electrical connectors. When using a camera with this lens on a tripod, you should always use a mount that supports the extra weight. If you're going handheld with the camera, then always keep one hand under the lens at all times.

Transport the Lens in a Protective Case

One of the most riskiest times for a lens to get damaged is when it's being transported. Lenses are expensive and should always be transported in some kind of protective case whether it be a padded camera bag or a Pelican case. It's important that there isn't any room in the case for the lens to move around as this could cause damage. 

Keep It Clean

Dirt has the potential to scratch a lens which can be expensive to repair. Prevent this by getting in the habit of regularly cleaning your lenses with the appropriate cleaning solutions purchased from a photography shop. Make sure that you only use cleaners designed for camera lenses because something else can cause streaks and maybe even damage.