Telephoto Lens: How to Operate

Learning how to use a telephoto lens makes it possible to capture photos of things in the distance. This makes it possible to take photos of birds or other things that you can't get close to normally. A telephoto lens is a type of zoom lens which makes it possible to zoom into virtually any object.

Using a telephoto lens is actually very easy. The key is to allow yourself plenty of time to experiment and play around with the lens so that you can get the most out of it.

Step 1: Use a Tripod

Telephoto lenses are very large. This means that you will need to use a sturdy tripod to stabilize your camera. It's simply not good enough to hold the camera in your hands because it won't be heavy enough.

Step 2: Support the Lens

Give the lens some extra support which will eliminate camera shake. This is even more important when you are shooting in windy conditions.

Step 3: Set the Aperture

If the aperture is wide, then this will make it possible to focus on a single part of the animal. The rest of the animal will often be blurry. To make sure that the whole animal is sharp, reduce the aperture so that more is in focus.

Step 4: Find the Subject

When you are trying to find the subject, it can be very difficult to see it in the viewfinder. Instead of struggling, aim the lens just slightly higher than your subject and it should be possible to see it clearly.

Step 5: Shoot the Subject

If you are photographing animals, then you will need to cope with them moving. To manage this, pan the camera left to right as the animal moves. Try to focus the camera before and then use it to pan across the scene. When the subject comes into the scene, release the trigger.