Steadicam Tango: Film from Floor to Ceiling

The Steadicam Tango acts like a single sled, except that all the components needed are built into the system. The system is very stable and simple to use, and it was built to make it easier for filmmakers to create floor to ceiling shots, without the clunky effects that often happen when this type of shot is tried. Further, the system simply bolts on, which means that it can be used with future systems.

The Steadicam Difference

As the name implies, Steadicams are built to more stable than traditional camcorders even when someone is moving about with the camera. They seem to move with the person’s body, and the equipment also responds very well to nearly any type of movement.

Generally, these systems were created to hook into vests (the Steadicam Vest), which wraps around a person’s body, allowing them free movement to take shots and move with the scene. The combination of the equipment and the vests make for noise-free images with a wide range of movement.

The Steadicam TANGO provides directors and cinematographers with one more option when it comes to creating interesting shots.

The Steadicam TANGO

The Steadicam TANGO was built specifically to work with mini HD cameras, which means that this is geared towards a beginner to mid-range market. Many independent filmmakers would benefit from this type of equipment.

The TANGO is built with a distinct center of gravity that allows users to freely move the camcorder either upwards or downwards. The system uses the standard Steadicam sled with an additional six pound Tiffen Tango extension, which was built specifically for this model. The whole system only weighs 29 pounds, and the weight that a person actually feels is minimized by the Steadicam vest.


The system comes with a very large aperture for the camcorder, and cables are run within the device so that no lingering wires and cables are left hanging out. The camcorder itself actually slips into a very small opening, but this still provides users with near perfect control over the movement of the camera no matter which direction in which they choose to go.

The standout feature for the Steadicam TANGO, however, is how much movement it gives to the user. It can pan 360 degrees and 90 degrees via the boom range, and it has the maximum pan/tilt inertia throughout the entire process.

The system can rise in the air up to nine feet and then do the inverse via the back-pan and back-title features. Plus, it is always steady even if a person needs to run with it.

Other features include the ability switch back and forth between standard and Tango Steadicam modes, and it runs silently so that it will not disrupt the action or be distracting.

Finally, the Steadicam TANGO is really fast with the movements. Users do not have to wait for the system to respond; it does it almost automatically. And, it does this for all actions, including panning, tilting or moving higher, lower or crosswise.