Steadicam Pilot: Attaching the Camera

The Steadicam Pilot is a new device which uses the Steadicam technology. The device is composed of three main parts: the sled, the arm and the vest worn by the cameraman. This system is used to support the video camera or camcorder, making it more stable when filming. The device is flexible and can accommodate a camera weight between one to 10 pounds. Here are a few steps to attach the camera onto the Pilot.

Step 1: Find the Center of Gravity

Before attaching the camera, it is important to find the camera’s center of gravity to find the perfect balance. Try finding the center by balancing it on a small cylindrical item, like a pencil. Do this when finding the balance between the fore and aft, as well as from side to side.

Step 2: Attach Camera to Plate

The mounting plate is a part of the Pilot Steadicam system which attaches and secures the camera to the sled. Fasten the mounting plate between the center of the camera’s side to side center of gravity and ¼ inch to ½ inch in front of the camera’s fore and aft. Secure the mounting plate using the parts provided. Choose to use one screw with an anti-rotation pin, or use two screws instead to secure the plate to the sled.

Step 3: Attach Camera to Sled

Fasten the camera onto the Pilot’s sled and tighten the handles. Make sure to tighten all four handles tightly. Users will notice that the main post of the sled is placed slightly in front of the camera’s center of gravity. This will make the camera more balanced.