Steadicam Pilot: Adding Weight and Increasing Length

Steadicam Pilot is a very useful tool if you are a professional video producer. If you have managed to assemble it properly and you have already used it, you know that there are still some issues to resolve (if you want to enhance its operational quality). This means that the more weight it has, the more stable it is. When you have a very lightweight camera, you will need to add some weight to the pilot in order to ensure that you have full control. Here is how you can add weight and increase the length of the Steadicam Pilot in a few easy steps:

Improving Stability

The first thing you need to do is use the telescope post and a weight kit that will help you improve the stability of the post. You will also be able to move the gimbal closer to the camera. You have to add the screw on weights on the pilot stage. Keep in mind that you will probably need to have approximately 6 pounds for any camera you might have. The limit you have is 10 pounds, so you need to adjust the weights until you feel comfortable with the existing weight.

Increasing Length

Increasing the length of the Steadycam Pilot will help you work in higher mode, without having the camera lens low. When you extend the post, you will need to adjust the gimbal, because the longer posts keep the ginbal much further than the camera. Therefore, the roll inertia might increase dramatically. You might lose control of the camera post, so you should always combine proper weight and length.