Steadicam Flyer: Shooting Over the Shoulder

The Steadicam Flyer is a portable system which functions similar to a dolly and is used to make more stable shots. It is not hard to use but will require some practice. Learning how to shoot over the shoulder is a basic yet important skill, especially when moving and filming in front of the subject.

Tip 1: Practice Walking along a Straight Line

Place tape along the floor in a straight path. Use the tape as a guide, and walk alongside wearing the Steadicam and video camera attached. The camera should be shooting over the owner’s left shoulder. A monitor attached to the system will allow the user to see what is being filmed, even if the camera is facing in another direction.

Tip 2: Keep the Center Post over the Line

Significantly harder than the first exercise, aligning the center post over the line will help the user gain more control over body movements. Doing it over and over again, the user will become more confident in using the system.

Tip 3: Practice, Practice, Practice

Allocate at least two sessions, amounting to two hours each, to learning and practicing the use of this system. This will make the filmmaking process easier when the time comes.