Steadicam Flyer: Changing Direction

Changing directions while wearing the Steadicam Flyer can be a difficult task at first. You want to be able to change the direction that you are moving in without changing the direction of your camcorder. Before you begin moving, you should always double check to make sure that your camcorder is pointing in a forward direction. You should practice changing directions a couple of times using the below instructions before you need to change directions to capture live footage.

Step 1: Beginning to Move

If you need to move backwards, you will want to step back with your right foot. If you need to move forwards, simply step forward with your right foot. Even if you are a lefty, the first step should always be made with your right foot. As you begin to make your first step, allow your fingertips to slowly slide around the center of the post on your Steadicam Flyer.

Step 2: The Left Foot

Once you have made your first move with your right foot, move your left foot to your left and begin to pivot with your left foot. As your left foot is pivoting, move your right foot in the direction that you intend on moving in.

Step 3: Changing Directions

As soon as your right foot is pointing in the direction that you intend on moving in, step forward or backward with both feet and begin walking. You will find that the direction of your camcorder never moved, even though your body is now pointing in a different direction. If you had a hard time with these instructions, place tape lines on the ground as guidelines that you will move around on.