Simple Fixes for Color Temperature Problems with LED Strip Lights

LED Strip lights are very popular types of light which can be used for photography. These are very convenient since they use very little power. LEDs are also fairly inexpensive and provide a lot of light considering their small size. You will be able to install LED strip lights in a studio or take them with you on location to photograph anywhere you want.

Even the white LED lights which are available do not produce completely white light. These actually have a bluish tinge which can affect the color temperature of any photo. The tinge is caused because of the LED light emitting both blue and yellow light together to try and look like white. This can make the image look cold.

Shooting RAW

One of the most common complaints for anyone trying to photograph with LED lighting is that it provides problems with the white balance. The best way to fix this is to shoot the photos in RAW format and then correct the white balance on your computer.

Touch Up

When you have taken then photos and transferred them to your computer you will be able to open them in your favorite photo editing application. It is possible to correct the color temperature in Photoshop or similar applications easily. This should make your photos look much more natural.