Shopping Tip: Camera Bag Comfort

You will want to take bag comfort into consideration while purchasing a camera bag. Follow the tips below to get a comfortable fit for your bag.


There are several options available online that you may choose from. Be sure to pick a strap that has extra padding. The weight of the camera equipment will begin to bother your shoulder if you do not have a bag that gives padding to your shoulder.

Weight Distribution

Be sure to choose a bag that has equal weight distribution. Although you may want to save a few dollars by going for a thrifty bag, your shoulders and body will be begging for a more comfortable bag after a few hours. There are several bags on the market that come with many pockets that allow you to put equal amounts of items into different compartments of the bags.

Adjust the Length

If the strap is too long, the equipment will bounce off of your leg. If you make it too short, the weight will feel very heavy. Put the strap somewhere in between, near your hip, for optimal length. Choose a bag that allows you to adjust the strap.

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