Selecting the Right Smartparts Digital Picture Frame

Selecting the right Smartparts digital picture frame can be a difficult decision. Smartparts makes two digital picture frames that you can choose from. Those digital picture frames are the Smartparts Optipix and the Smartparts Syncpix. The screen size that you select is, of course, up to you, but this guideline will explain the differences between the Smartparts Optipix and Smartparts Syncpix.

Smartparts Optipix

The Smartparts Optipix is made out of wood and is compatible with many memory cards, including SD, xD, MS and MMC cards. With the Smartparts Optipix, you simply pop your memory card into the Smartparts Optipix and let the Smartparts Optipix do all of the work.

When you pop your memory card into the Smartparts Optipix, the Smartparts Optipix will automatically sharpen your photos, transfer your photos to the picture frame, and compress the photos to make room for more photos. The Smartparts Optipix is available in screen sizes that range from 5.6 inches through 12 inches. The Smartparts Optipix is very user and family friendly.

Smartparts Syncpix

The Syncpix series of digital picture frames that is made by Smartparts utilizes their latest software. The Smartparts Syncpix is capable of correcting photo orientation and sharpening your photos. The main difference between the Optipix and the Syncpix is the fact that you can create photo albums on the Syncpix.

The Smartparts Syncpix allows you to create themed photo albums, which allows you to quickly and easily organize your photos. The Smartparts Syncpix is available in screen sizes that range from 7 inches through 12 inches in size.