Scanner Repair: Replacing Lids

Sometimes it may seem as if a scanner repair will be complicated. More than not, it may be a simple repair that will take a few minutes. Replacing a scanner lid is one of those quick fixes. Follow the tips listed below to replace the scanner lid on your photo scanner.

Remove the Broken Lid

There is a locking mechanism on the lids that allow the lid to move up and down. You should be able to wiggle the lid out of place and remove it completely. If the lid is completely broken, you may get an error message on your scanner.

Find the Lid

It may be difficult to find the lid that you need for your scanner. As scanners become harder to find, the less likely you are to find the exact match for your needs. It may be cheaper to replace the entire scanner.

Install the Lid

If you have been able to find your lid, line the lid up with the top of your scanner. Slide one end of the scanner into the peg at the top of the scanner. Move the lid in a downward motion until you hear the other peg click into place on the top of the scanner.

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