Safety Rules Regarding Digital External Flash Use

Using a digital external flash can create great photographs, especially at special events. The external flash also allows you to adjust the height of the flash, and control the bounce of the light. There are a few things that should be considered to maintain the safety when using these devices.

Direct Eye Contact

Direct eye contact with the external flash should always be avoided. An external flash creates a very intense light and can damage the subjects vision. Always make sure the subject is looking at the camera, and the flash should not be placed close to the lens.


It's a good idea to test the flash before you use it. When you test it, be sure it's pointed away from everyone. You don't want the flash to accidentally fire into someone's eye line.

Taking It Apart

It may be tempting to take the flash apart to see how it works or to fix it. This is best left to a professional. Not only could you damage the flash unit, you can cause yourself injury. The external flash unit requires high voltage to operate, and it can be very dangerous if you take it apart.

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