Roxio Video Capture USB: Preserving Home Movies

If you have any videos stuck on old formats such as VHS, then you can use Roxio Video Capture USB to release them. It's a shame that many families have precious home movies on these aging formats without any way to play them back. By using Video Capture USB, you can convert them into digital copies which can then be converted and put on DVD or even uploaded to the Internet.

You should be able to easily release your memories and set them free of the old technology. Keeping a digital copy will also protect them from the tapes stretching or quality degrading in any other way. As long as you keep backups of the data on your computer, then the videos will be safe no matter what happens to the originals.

Understanding Roxio Video Capture USB

Roxio Video Capture USB is a small USB device which connects to your computer. Plugging into a USB 2.0 port will make the device much faster. This box has a number of analog inputs on the side. An old tape recorder or camera can be connected to these ports. Playing back the tape will then make it possible to digitize your family videos.

Improving the Quality

By copying the VHS videos onto your computer, it is possible to improve the quality of them and make them look much more like a DVD. This is a wonderful way to give your favorite family movies some extra definition. This will be even more noticeable when playing the films back on a large screen TV. While they may not be as good as a Blu Ray movie, they will be an improvement to your existing videos.

Creator 2011

Roxio Video Capture USB supports creator 2011, which makes it very simple to import the videos straight into the application. Because of this, it is easy to touch them up and edit them further. It is also possible to follow the instructions to burn your old family video onto a shiny new DVD, which can then be enjoyed by anyone (even if they threw away their VHS cassette player years ago).

Fixing Audio

One of the biggest complaints with Analog formats, such as VHS tapes and Vinyl records, is that the audio isn't always perfect. They can suffer from stretches which make the audio sound strange. Sometimes the sound might also click or crack. The software makes it possible to automatically fix these common problems with sound. This should make it easy to make your videos live on for longer.


The USB Video capture device is compatible with both USB 1 and 2.0; this means that almost any computer which has a USB port should be able to use it. The device can only be used with Roxio Creator 2010 and 2011. Roxio also makes a similar device which does not require support for Creator. This is designed primarily as a way to digitize old VHS tapes.