Renting the Arriflex 235

The Arriflex 235 is a lightweight film camera that is great for situations when a camera needs to be mounted and moved for a shot. This camera can be purchased and it can also be rented. If you're using the camera just for your one shoot then it makes more sense to rent instead of buying because it's more cost efficient and if the camera breaks down you can get a rental replacement that day instead of waiting weeks for it to be repaired. So how do you go about renting one?

Replacement Value

Before you pick up the phone you're going to have to have some kind of insurance for the vendor that if the camera breaks through your fault that you can cover the repair costs. This can be done with either production insurance or with a credit card that has a large limit they can place a hold on.

Renting from Arri

You can use the Arri website to find out if your city has an Arri vendor in it. If there isn't one then you can call the Arri nearest you to see if you can work out a deal to get the camera. You can also look for other camera vendors in your area to see if they have the Arri 235. Just make sure they have more than one in stock.

Camera Checkout

Because the camera is so important you want to perform a check of all the equipment at the vendor before you take it away to make sure everything is working properly. This can save a lot of time on set.

Get Lenses

You need to individually order the lenses you want from the vendor in addition to the camera.