Reducing Shifting Equipment in a Large Camera Bag

A large camera bag is a good thing to have because there will be times when you need to take a lot of equipment with you, and this is the best way to pack it. However, if you are on a gig where your bag isn't fully packed, then equipment can shift. You don't want that to happen because if the shift has enough force, then very expensive and fragile things, like lenses, can break. Here is how you can reduce shifting equipment in a large camera bag.


Remember the video game tetris where you had to compact various shapes so there weren't any gaps? That's what packing your bag should be like. Strategize how you pack the bag by making sure there is no empty space. If everything is packed tightly, then it won't move. Don't stack things when there is still empty room on the bottom. You want to be able to throw the bag on your shoulder and not have anything move.

Because the bag is big, you should take advantage and bring everything that you can possibly see yourself needing. It's extra weight, but it shows a client that you are prepared for any unexpected circumstances that come up. Also, the more you pack, the less stuff will shift.

Pack Other Items

Your bag is more than just equipment, it's the kit you need for work. There are other things that are non camera related that you will use for the day. You should always have rain protection for your self and the camera. Not only will you be thankful when an unforeseen storm comes, but you also have something to fill empty space in your bag that can double as cushioning. 

In addition to rain gear, it's not a bad idea to have an extra change of clothes with you in case the ones you're wearing get dirty or wet. If you're shooting during the spring or fall, bring a sweat shirt with you. It can get hot in the afternoon, but mornings and nights are about 20 degrees cooler. Again, this also fills space, which prevents unwanted shifting.

Own a Small Bag

A large bag is great to have, but you should also invest in a small bag for jobs that don't require too much equipment. This way it is easier for you to pack and get around. Plus, having a large bag with not that much equipment looks a little silly.

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