Pros and Cons of a Universal Camera Flash

A universal camera flash is a device that is designed to hook up to almost all types of cameras, and provides an external flash. These flash devices can be great to have, but they can cause a few issues as well. Here is what you should know if you are considering purchasing one of your own. 


Having a universal flash is a great asset to many photographers. These flash units ensure that a high powered flash is available wherever they go. They can be easily packed in to a camera bag, and attached only when they are needed. The external flash unit will allow a photographer to choose the bounce point of the flash. 


Many cameras have a pop up flash that will have to be covered or diffused before the universal flash can be used. For those trying to capture candid moments, this can present a challenge. Even though the flash is designed to work with most cameras, the hook up cords may not be as universal. It's not uncommon to find that certain camera models will require an adapter to connect any kind of external devices. This is done so the manufacturer can sell more of their specific brand by keeping the brands compatible only with the same brand.

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