Pros and Cons of a Tripod Clamp

A tripod clamp is often used to keep the camera attached to the tripod plate, and prevent it from shifting around during use. The tripod clamp comes in many varieties, depending upon the type of camera and tripod bought. The pros and cons of the clamp may very depending upon what variety you buy, but whatever kind of device you own, you may find that there are many reasons for both buying a clamp and for not using one at all.

Advantages of a Clamp

Using a tripod clamp means that you can release your camera quickly while keeping it secure when you are using it. This prevents you from struggling to fit the camera directly onto the tripod on a howling gale, or even at the end of a very tiring day. Clamps remove the frustration of this process by enabling you to fit the camera in one position, take it off, and then fit it onto another position moments later.

Clamps may also be bought in different sizes, so no matter what shape your camera or tripod is, you can find a clamp which can hold it on tightly. If you are travelling long distances with your tripod and camera, the clamp is small enough to fit into a coat pocket, or be transported in a camera bag.

Disadvantages of a Clamp

Despite the advantages of a clamp, there are also some problems with using one. The biggest disadvantage is something which can also be an advantage, that is, the size. Mini clamps can be ideal for holding small cameras onto small tripods, but if you are using anything bigger, you may find that your clamp cannot secure the camera, or worse, slips off and pings away into the undergrowth. A smaller clamp will also have problems supporting a heavy camera, and you may find that the only suitable cameras for use with this are bullet cameras, which might not be convenient for everyone.  

Larger clamps are heavier and more awkward for fitting, and you may find that they can damage the surface of the camera simply by pressing down upon it. In addition, clamps come completely away from both the tripod and camera, and once you've lost one, the other is unlikely to be usable.

Getting a tripod clamp is one of the best ways to secure your camera to the tripod without risking damage to one or the other. There are so many different varieties of clamps that you are sure to find the right one for your needs, but they are not very transferable, and may be too small to be convenient if you use a different, larger camera later on. Clamps can also be extremely fiddly and difficult to manage without assistance, but they are easier to transport than other fittings, and allow a greater range of activity than simply screwing the camera onto the tripod.

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