Pros and Cons of a Laser Photo Printer

Laser photo printers are great for printing high quality images with graphics in small businesses or homes. They are also usually faster than other printers, though the speed is dependent of the intensity of the image being printed. Laser printers are also finding their way into big businesses as well. Because of their speed in printing simple documents, many corporations are utilizing laser printers for the mass mailings of invoices and bills. If you're thinking about buying one, then you should first weigh the pros and cons.


The most expensive and best laser printers can claim to be able to print 200 black and white pages or 100 color pages per a minute. That's pretty fast. But, it may not be as simple as that. Ever notice on other printers how sometimes there is a pause and the process seems slow. That's because these printers take the data from the computer as it comes.

A laser printer can't do that. For a laser printer to work properly, it needs to print rapidly. All the data from a document needs to go to the printer before it can start printing. That means that if you have a pretty graphic intensive page to print, you could be waiting awhile for that data to enter the printer before the job starts. But, once that data is in, the printing is pretty quick.

The big drawback to this though is that a laser printer might now be able to print large objects, like banners, because the file size of the document exceeds the memory banks of the printer. They can do a lot, but not everything.


Depending on how often its used and what it is used for, the cost of maintenance may be high. If a laser printer is something you will only use once and awhile, then you're better off going to a copy shop. But, if you use it often, then the cost might justify itself. With resolutions of 1200 DPI, they're great for creating high quality business presentations. 

Health and Pollution

The high voltages inside the printer can emit ionized oxygen and nitrogen, which can damage the ozone layer. Larger commercial laser printers have carbon filters built into them so that those gases are broken down. But, smaller sized printers do not have these filters. It's important to keep the printer in well ventilated area to avoid health hazards.

Laser Photo printers can produce high quality images at fast speeds. If used frequently, the costs justify themselves. If not used often, they may not be worth buying. They also may produce some health hazards and can not handle super large files for printing.

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