Practical Uses for Green Screens

New video editing software has made green screen effects very easy to achieve. In the past, green screens were limited to use by professional film studios because the effects were so expensive to achieve. There are actually many uses for these green screens, and all of these effects are quite easy to add to your video.

If you plan on using green screen effects, then you should make sure you are using software which supports this feature. There are many practical uses for this technology which can make your videos look different.

Understanding Green Screen Effects

Green screen or blue screen filming can be used to change the background of your film. This works by using a unique color as the backdrop in the scene. Using clever computer software, it is then possible to isolate this color and make it transparent. With the background fully transparent, it can then be replaced easily with a still image or any other footage.

Green screen can be used to create something that would be very expensive to produce another way. It can also be used to record something that would otherwise be impossible to capture on film.

Removing Elements

The most common use for green screen effects is to create transparent backgrounds to replace with something else. It can also be used to remove elements from your video. Basically, this will remove everything that is the color that you choose in the video. If, for example, you are using harnesses to suspend actors, then these can be removed if they are the right color and replaced along with the background. This makes it easy to remove anything that you don't want to be seen.

Replacing the Background

When recording in front of a blue or green screen, it is possible to replace the background with virtually anything you want. When the video is loaded into the software, you can choose the color that you want to make transparent. This should be unique in the scene so that it can be selected carefully. With the color is chosen, it will then be made transparent.

Any still or video footage can be used to replace the background. As long as you are careful when selecting the color and have good even lighting around the background, then you will find this produces high quality and realistic effects. It's even possible to do this to create backgrounds that aren't possible to get yourself. You could put the pyramids behind you, even if you're on the other side of the world.

Modern-Day Uses

The technology is often seen to be used in thriller and science fiction films. It normally creates stunning special effects, but it can also be used to convey information. Weather reports on TV, for example, use blue screens to overlay the map of the weather without needing to worry about projecting the map. News broadcasts also often use this technology to display the headlines behind the presenters.