Pifalls of Cheap Micro SD Cards

Whenever you are considering buying cheap micro SD cards, there are some reasons why you should consider paying slightly more. By buying a more expensive card, you can be sure that it will last for a very long time and won't let you down when you least expect it. Cheap micro SD cards could well be a false economy because these won't last for as long as they should.

Poor Quality

Many cheap micro SD cards are made out of poor quality plastics. This means that they are very delicate and can break very quickly, even when they are treated with care.

Fake Sizes

If you buy a very cheap card which is large, then there is actually a very good chance that the card is actually much smaller. Computers can be made to think that the memory is much bigger than it actually is. You will only notice this when you try to write big files onto the card when they get lost.


Many of these cheap micro SD cards are very unreliable. They may work when you first take them home, however, they are unlikely to be able to continue working for long.

Try to choose a reliable and well known brand name. Also, avoid anything which sounds too good to be true.