Picking the Right Panoramic Camera for the Job

A panoramic camera has been used for years because it allows photographers to capture large and elongated photos, which result in great landscape photos. Because of the large number of manufacturers and panoramic cameras, beginners in the industry have been having a hard time picking the right panoramic camera to start off with. The prices of panoramic cameras also play a part in making it such a hard decision for young photographers. The lens of a panoramic camera alone pushes up the price of the device immensely.

Horseman SW-612

One of the most expensive panoramic cameras available in the market, the Horseman SW-612 also is one of the best in the business. It will cost you around $3,000 for the body of the camera. Made in Japan, the Horseman SW-612 offers compatibility to lenses that range from 35-mm to 135-mm. If you want to purchase one along with its lens, then the Horseman SW-612 with a 35-mm Apo-Grandagon lens will cost you around $7,500.

Linhof Technorama 617s III

The Linhof panoramic camera is much more expensive compared to the Horseman SW-612, with a difference of about $1,000. However, the Linhof Technorama 617s III pretty much makes up for the added cost. Costing over $4,100 for the body alone, the Linhof panoramic camera is able to deliver better quality pictures and fitted with the best lenses that reach up to 180-mm. Aside from the bigger lenses and better quality photos, you will also be able to notice the sleeker and smaller design when compared to the Horseman SW-612.