Picking the Right Follow Focus Unit for the Job

If you are looking for a focus control mechanism that will allow the camera operator to be efficient and more precise, then a Follow Focus is what you are looking for. A Follow Focus unit is essentially made to match the gearing on the lens barrel in a way that will allow the puller to be in a comfortable position while adjusting the focus of the lens. It will help him set marks and ensure each point in the scene can easily be recalled and in focus.

Knowing which one to choose for the job can be easy with a few tips. This will prevent a lot of frustration from having to retake shoots because the camera crew is missing the mark, especially when the acting crew is giving it their all.


This Follow Focus unit is a mini, top mount that will include one rod for support and a focus rod with a knob. This unit will cost you $1,750.


This universal unit features a bottom mount and will include one AR04 and a focus rod with a knob. This unit costs $1,750.


This Studio Follow Focus unit is for mini rods and includes one focus knob with a scale plate. This unit carries a price tag of $2,450.


For the 15 mm bridge plate rods, you will need this Studio Follow Focus. This unit will run you $2,450.

Gears Available

For $110, you can purchase the DG03 drive gear for your Canon lenses or the DG04 drive gear for your Fujinon lenses.