Picking the Right Digiscoping Adapter for the Job

Digiscoping and relevant equipment like the digiscoping adapter have been gaining a lot of popularity. Here are some factors that you will need to consider in order to select the right adapter for the job.


To even begin looking for an adaptor, you must have a telescope. You should start with the telescope manufacturer; check with them and see if they provide a digiscoping adapter that is designed specifically for your telescope. Most manufacturers will provide you with one. You will need to research the kinds and makes of the cameras that the telescope can work with. Most of the adaptors work by using a screw thread to attach them to the camera lens. You will need to make sure that your camera attaches to the adaptor provided by the manufacturer.

This can also influence the decision as to which camera you would buy, but most cameras these days, including Sony and Canon cameras, support a threaded screw for a digiscoping adaptor. If the telescope manufacturer does not provide an adaptor (a rare scenario), then you will have to try DIY techniques to get a suitable adaptor.