Picking the Right Custom Magnetic Picture Frame

A magnetic picture frame is a great extra to offer your customers. This is also something that is very easy to create. Magnetic frames are popular because they can be stuck onto metal objects such as fridges.

Printing Your Own

It is possible to buy magnetic printer paper from your local office supplies store. With this, you can use a regular inkjet printer to print the image onto the magnetic paper. These magnets can then be cut with a pair of scissors which makes it easy to create unique magnetic photos in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ordering Prints

If you want an easier and more professional option, then you could also order these magnetic picture frames. Many online developers will be able to offer this service easily.

Custom Designs

It's possible to create unique and interesting custom designs using these magnetic picture frames. For example, you can easily include backgrounds and the use of text on the photographs. This makes it easy to make photographic magnets which make nice gifts for family members.

Magnetic photo frames are a very easy way to offer high quality and unique novelty photos. This makes it simple to ensure people are passionate about your photographs. This will be a very popular service to offer because many people will like to have their photos printed in this way.