Picking the Right Chrosziel Matte Box

The Chrosziel Matte Box is an important component of still life photography and video making. The following is a guide to choosing the right Chrosziel Matte Box for your photography setup.

Understanding the Chrosziel Matte Box

The Chrosziel Matte Box is essential for blocking out the sun or other harsh light sources. This helps prevent the glare or the lens flare in the resulting photograph or video. The Chrosziel Matte Box is identical in function to the contemporary lens hood but serves to provide much more control and flexibility.

To choose the right Chrosziel Matte Box, you will have to understand and then calculate the scene and composition requirements such as the distance of the subject from the camera, the focal length of the camera, the harshness of the light source, time of the day and the length of the attached French flags or fins on the Chrosziel Matte Box.

Once these factors are calculated, you will be able to work out a size and the focal length that is conducive to your use of the Chrosziel Matte Box. Also keep in mind that the Chrosziel Matte Box also comes with additional rigid sunshade and a bellow that will have to be selected by keeping the focal length of the lens in account.

Considering these factors should help you in selecting the right matte box for your needs.