Picking the Right Aerial Camera For the Job

An aerial camera comes in many forms, which are perfect for different types of aerial photography. It's important that you choose the right type of camera for the job that you are attempting to do. This will make it much easier to take high quality photos. When you are shopping around for the best value camera, you'll find it's important to do some research. These camera systems are very expensive, and you must ensure you make the right decision.

By choosing the correct type of aerial photography camera, you will find it much easier to take better quality images. It should be fairly easy for anyone to take good photographs when using the right camera.

Remote Controlled Planes and Helicopters

Normally taking aerial photos involves hiring a plane or a helicopter which is very expensive. For a cheaper option, people often customize a radio controlled helicopter or plane. If you intend to do this, then it is important that you choose a very light camera which will be supported properly by the plane. Choosing something that is too heavy will unbalance the plane and make it difficult to fly.

It's also possible to buy specialist light weight aerial cameras which are perfect for this. They normally film continuously, which will allow you to take still photos of anything of interest. They can also capture still photos remotely in a higher resolution. They have built-in memory, which makes storing the images very easy.

Rail Cameras

Rail cameras are a sophisticated system where the camera runs along a rail in a similar way to a train. These cameras are perfect for high speed moving objects and are often used to film races. The camera can rotate and move to capture everything that is needed. These systems are expensive and are not portable. This means that they are not normally suitable for amateur photographers.

Flown Wire Systems

There are also flown wire systems which can travel up and down a set of cables. This makes it possible to capture objects in between two points. The flown wire systems are much easier to transport than a rail camera, making them much better for anyone who does a lot of traveling.


If you are looking for a much smoother way to capture aerial photographs, then you might consider a tethered blimp. These blimps are like big balloons which are filled with helium gas. Because this is lighter than air the blimp will float. A remote camera system can easily be attached to many blimps, which makes them perfect for capturing high quality still images. The camera must have a remote trigger of some form to make it easy to take photos.

It is essential that you choose the right cameras for the job. This doesn't just apply to aerial photography, but all types of photography.