Photoflex: Small Cinedome Pro Specs

The Photoflex Small Cinedome Pro is a useful piece of equipment. This makes it very easy to carry professional lights everywhere you go, and the small cine dome makes it easy to direct light exactly where you need it.

Although this is an expensive piece of kit, it will last you for many years to come. It's also suitable for a wide variety of different applications.


The small Cinedome Pro collapses completely and can be folded into a small travel bag. This makes it easy to carry wherever you go, which makes it possible to use it even when outdoors or traveling. The dome features Quick Release Corners, which are very strong and easy to collapse.


The Small CineDome Pro is very easy to adjust. The face and baffle can be removed to make the light appear natural or more artificial. The ideal contrast between light and dark can be created by carefully adjusting the setup of the cinedome.


The Cinedome is made of special heat resistant fabric. This means that it can be used with lights up to a maximum of 1000 watts, without any danger of burning. The walls of the fabric are coated in a silver colored material, which ensures the maximum amount of light is reflected.


There are many different types of lenses which are compatible with almost any light. The cinedome has a deep profile, which means it can also accommodate fresnel lights.

There are many brackets which are available to make it possible to fit all sorts of lighting systems inside, including larger lights.