Photoflex: Medium Cinedome Pro Specs

Photoflex is a world leading manufacturer of studio and professional lighting for photographs. Its products are very popular among photography professionals who want to use reliable products to “light their way” to videos, photographs and films. Medium CineDome is one of the latest products by Photo Flex, designed to enhance the projection of Fresnel lights. Medium CineDome comes as an addition to the CineDome group of products.

Medium CineDome Specifications

The Medium CineDome features a narrow and deep profile that is able to enhance the light projection. It comes with a brimstone fabric, which is heat resistant and can handle 2000 watts or more. You can remove the inner baffle and the front face in order to increase the contrast without changing the setting and setup.  It is durable and solid due to the aluminum tripod support rods.

Medium CineDome has a medium grid that you can add for extra control over the direction of light. You will need a connector to fit the light. The medium CineDome measures 24x32x27. You can easily fold it down and place it in a bag to carry it with you.

Why Use the Medium CineDome?

There are many benefits and advantages in using the Medium CineDome. Its removable components allow you to adjust the light the way that you want, creating the proper light diffusion. Its high heat resistance will allow you to use the lights you want, even if they are strong, without being afraid that you might burn them out.

The medium CineDome has quick release corners and is, therefore, easy to break down when needed.