Photoflex: Large Cinedome Pro Specs

The Photoflex Large Cinedome Pro is a professional piece of lighting equipment, which can be used in a variety of situations. There are three different sizes of Cinedomes available, and each of these are perfect for different types of people. Before you are able to decide whether or not this equipment is necessary, you will first need to take a look at the specs. The specifications will affect how useful the lighting equipment is to you.

Photoflex is a portable soft box which can be used to provide soft light anywhere you are working. The light provided from this is much softer than a normal flash, which helps to prevent harsh shadows.


The Large CineDome has a face which is 36 x 48 inches. This provides even, soft light in a variety of situations.


The baffle and diffusion face can be removed easily. This makes it possible to use the equipment to provide diffused soft lighting or higher contrast light. This is a very easy change to make and does not require any additional equipment.


The Large Cinedome is compatible with almost all lighting systems available. There are many different connectors which can be used to fit these lights.


The CineDome soft boxes are all made out of the highest quality materials. The materials are heat resistant, which means even powerful 2000 watt lights can be used without any problems. All Cinedomes come with a 6 year warranty.


The Large Cinedome Pro is highly portable. It can be collapsed and fitted inside a small bag. The soft box has a Quick Release system, which makes assembly and breaking down much easier.