Panning and Tilting with the Steadicam Flyer

The Steadicam Flyer from Tiffen is one of the best designed steadicams on the market today, and it offers great features. With panning and tilting being important aspects of shooting a scene from a camcorder, it is necessary that you know exactly how to do it with the Steadicam Flyer. This article shows you how.

Step 1: Set-up the steadicam

Have the steadicam mounted on a sled and have it gripped properly with a vest setup.

Step 2: Hold/Balance the Camcorder Perfectly

You have to hold the centre post with the left hand and the gimbal with the right hand. This way, you ensure there is no shake and you get a smooth pan and tilt.

Step 3: Set up Lens and Camera View

For panning and tilting, you should set the lens to focus in a medium wide angle.

Step 4: Pan and Tilt

Having a good grip on the camera, you need to try to keep your eyes on one of the points on the surface. Now, try to pan left and right of this point. Gradually, do it so that the panning is smooth. With panning going from side to side, tilting creates a horizontal line when the camera is being tilted up and down. You have to tilt it with both hands giving a smooth movement to the camera view.

Practice these again and again, and your movements with the Steadicam Flyer will become smoother.