Overcoming Uneven Lighting Using Primatte Keyer

Primatte Keyer 4.1 allows seamless integration between green screen images and new backgrounds. This program allows users to capture the finer details and refine the uneven lighting that often comes when images are transferred from a green screen to another background.

Step 1: Understanding How It Works

Primatte Keyer works with Apple Final Cut, Avid Xpress Pro, Avid Media Composer and Adobe After Effects. The program works by extracting the keys from background colors so that perfect matches can be made with the new background. This eliminates uneven color problems, contamination from edge lights and problems with finer shadows.

For example, if some areas of a screen is brighter than others or have more shadows, sometimes all of these little details get wiped out when images are composited. These will be saved using the Primatte Keyer.

Step 2: Running the Keying

This program makes it easier than ever to match different backgrounds. The Auto-setup feature will automatically scan through the background color and then create the correct key for that background automatically. All users need to do is hit the button, and the program will match the colors.

Another advantage of this program is that all adjustments are done with just a few clicks of the mouse. This eliminates the need for amount sliders, which can be inaccurate. For example, if someone is trying to fix the color, he could overshoot the saturation or contrast. This actually has the potential to make the image look worse than before. All of these mattes can be manipulated on the timeline, making it even easier to make these alterations.

Step 3: Using Advanced Compositing

If a user wants further control over their images or shots, they can also use the Advanced Compositing controls to manipulate colors and light. The Light wrapping feature will match the light from the old background and match it to the new. This feature can be automatically added to a photo by simply clicking on it.

The same thing can be done with colors. The Advanced Compositing controls will easily match any color that is in the new background.

Step 4: Other Features

Other standout features from this version include the ability to work with nearly any editor. This way, users do not need to move programs to finish the look, eliminating extra steps from the process.

Another one is the ability to capture transparent or nearly transparent objects, including hair, smoke and water. This will give the product a more authentic look, especially in the case of the hair. Most chroma keying programs will just create a boxy affect around the hair. They will not capture individual strands. This improves on those standards effects.

The spill feature is effect for removing the purplish effects that can appear when objects are removed from a background. This tinges will often appear in the final composite if not removed during the editing process.

The system also comes with de-artifacting input correction for ragged chroma edges, and this tool can be used for a variety of formats, including HDV and DV.