Organizing the Contents of Your SLR Camera Bag

An SLR camera bag is essential for housing and protecting your camera accessories. This portable bag allows you to have all the tools necessary for photography right at your fingertips.

To use your camera bag effectively, it is necessary to have it organized. This will save time by allowing you to have quick access to your accessories without wasting time looking for them.

Once you have selected a SLR camera bag with plenty of compartments to house all of your camera gear, you can organize it by following a few steps. The only things you need are your camera bag, camera and your accessories.

Step 1: Camera Placement

The camera compartment in your bag may include slots for multiple or different sized cameras. Choose the one where your camera will fit the best and insert your camera with the lens facing the bottom of the bag. This will enable you to pull your camera out and start shooting quickly. Make sure to have the lens cap on when the camera is not in use to avoid scratches or damage to the lens.

Step 2: Lenses, Flashes and Filters

There are compartments specifically for lenses in your bag.  Make sure to match the size of your lenses to their slots in the bag. It is recommended to place filters in empty slots nearby, as they are used in conjunction with the lenses. Find empty slots to house any flash accessories such as a slave flash.

Step 3: Housing the Batteries

Batteries should be placed in one of the compartments for quick access. As you use batteries, make sure to house the spent ones separately to avoid confusion.

Step 4: Memory Cards

These are the smallest items in your SLR camera bag and must be stored carefully. Many camera bags have an inner pocket that can be zipped that would work well for the cards. If your bag does not have this feature, you can use a small resealable bag and place it inside the camera bag. Taking care with the memory cards will prevent loss or damage.

Step 5: Maintenance Supplies

Make sure to have room for lens cleaning cloths in your SLR camera bag. These are handy for any quick cleaning needs while you are taking photos. Having a small can of compressed air in your bag can be useful for cleaning dust and dirt from your equipment.

Step 6: Store Your Manual

For newer photographers or those who are using new equipment, having the camera's owner's manual handy is useful. This can be slid in along the side inside the bag or placed in an outer pocket.

Step 7: Additional Padding

Your camera bag typically is padded, however, having additional padding will further protect your equipment. Place padding in any open spaces in your bag without blocking access to your accessories. Do not overfill your bag, as it will be difficult to close properly.

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