Ordering Prints from Your Camera's Memory Card In Store

Digital cameras are very convenient, however, this doesn't mean that you won't ever want to order prints from your camera. Digital cameras mean that you don't need to waste any film when taking lots of photos, but some people simply leave them on their computer and never print them out.

The best way to enjoy your photos is by printing them out and sharing them with family and friends. There are actually quite a few different ways that you can order prints from your digital memory card; one method is to order the prints online and another option is to visit a store and order them.

Step 1: Checking Photos

The first thing that you may want to do is put your memory card on the computer and take a look at all of the photos. This is a completely optional step, as you might want to print the photos as they are already. However, if you want to make any edits or touch-ups on the photo, then it's necessary to first copy them onto your PC so that it's possible to use computer software to make the necessary changes.

Step 2: Finding a Printer

You will now need to find a store which offers digital camera prints from memory cards. The easiest way of doing this will be to take a look at the website of the store. Walmart and Target stores often have printing machines. Some of these machines are instant and others take a couple of hours to produce the prints.

If you are unable to find a company in your local area, then it's possible to order the prints on the Internet. There are many different online services which can print the photos.

Step 3: Using the Machines

Most of these machines are controlled by touching the screen. Load the memory card into the drive by pressing it into the slot. The machine will then bring up a list of all the photos on the card. If you have any trouble using the machines, then staff should be on hand to assist you.

Step 4: Selecting the Photos

All of these machines work differently, however all of them are similar. Either select whether you want to print all the photos or select the individual photos that you are interested in printing out. Then, enter the number of each photo you want to print.

Some of these printers offer basic editing facilities such as cropping and rotating photos.

Step 5: Confirming

When you have chosen the pictures you want to print, you will then need to confirm your order. The screen should show how many photos you are ordering and how much the prints will cost. If everything is correct, then click to confirm your order. Otherwise, you will need to go back and correct the problems.

Step 6: Printing

If you have ordered instant prints, then you will receive your prints in a few minutes. If not, then you will then need to collect them the next day or in a few hours.

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