Micro SD Memory Cards in Cameras

Most compact digital cameras use SD, SDHC, or SDXC type flash memory cards. However, it is possible to use a microSD memory card. microSD cards are much smaller, although they use the same basic technology as a full sized SD cards. (Edit, 2013: while the statements in this article are still quite true, many newer digicams are now offering microSD card slots. This is mostly seen in ultra-compact labeled cameras, including many of Samsung's offerings.

Using Micro SD Cards

Using a Micro SD card in your camera is very easy although you will normally need some form of adapter. The most common adapter is to convert a micro SD card into a full sized SD card. This means that it is compatible with any camera that supports regular SD cards.

Advantages of Micro SD Cards

The main advantages of Micros SD cards are that they are much smaller and easier to store. These are under half of the size of a normal SD card. It's also possible to change the memory cards by pulling the microSD card out of the adaptor without needing to remove it from the camera.

When using MicroSD it might also be possible to take the card out and put it into your phone or other mobile device. This makes it possible to look at the photos on the move.

Disadvantages of Micro SD Cards

Although there are some advantages of using Micro SD Cards in cameras there are also some reasons why you might not want to use them. Micro SD Cards are very fiddly because they are very small. They are also typically more expensive than SD cards because of their small size.

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