Materials that Make for a Light Weight Tripod

If you are carrying a camera and accessories for long distances, or if you dread transporting a tripod, then you should look at getting a light weight tripod. These are not any different from the standard camera tripod design, but they are built from materials which make the tripod itself a lot lighter and easier to carry. Light weight tripod accessories are also fantastic when being used in the outdoors, as they are easier to shift from place to place, unlike the much more difficult steel tripods.

The following are materials that make for a light weight tripod:


This is probably the favorite material of light weight tripod manufacturers. Aluminum is adaptable but also very stable, so it can easily be used for the main body of the tripod. You don't have to sacrifice accessibility and good balance. There is not much purpose to a tripod which isn't stable, so this metal is perfect. Aluminum tripod legs are often made using tubes, which are then slotted together so they can be folded up for ease of traveling. The only real downside to aluminum is that the metal is rather soft, and is more easily damaged than steel or other metals (so you have to treat your tripod gently).

Carbon Fiber

Another material associated with lightweight tripods is carbon fiber. This material is perhaps best described as medium lightweight, in that it is much easier to carry than the older models, but you will still be able to feel the weight when you are walking long distances. The carbon fiber tripod is much harder than the aluminum one, so you will not have to be as gentle, although you might have to pay a lot more money, as they tend to cost between $400 and $500 a piece.


Wood tripods are not often sold, so if you are keen on using this type of material, then you may have to take some lessons in carpentry and invest in some plywood before you get the finished product. You could probably manage to make a wooden tripod for around $160, and if you make it out of light wood such as plywood or balsa wood, then you have a good chance of creating a light weight tripod.


Yes, a string tripod is possible for those who don't want to spend too much of their money on an expensive piece. The string tripod will need to be long enough to reach both of your feet, and wrap around the camera, and you will also have to take a bit of time to get it set up correctly. On the other hand, it is very light weight, easy to carry, and is definitely cheaper than other materials.

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