Masking in Primatte: A Simple 1-2-3 Step Process

Primatte is a plugin which can be used with Adobe Photoshop to mask solid background colors. This makes it very easy to replace the background with anything else. In other words, the Primatte Photoshop plugin is a way to bring green screen technology to your digital photos.

This plugin is very easy to use, as it also features an auto mask mode. This means that you can easily select single background colors and convert it into a mask. There is a simple three step process which can be used to create your mask.

Step 1: Opening Your Image

First, open your image in Photoshop and then select the Digital Anarchy Primatte filter from the menu. This opens a dialog box where you can make various adjustments.

Step 2: Adjusting Settings

In the Primatte Chromakey interface, you will see a copy of your image. There are a number of different settings which can be adjusted if you wish at this point.

Step 3: Creating the Color Mask

The easiest way to use the plugin to create the mask is to click the auto mask function. This will automatically analyze your photo and decide which colors that it should use as the background mask. If you are not sure about th,is then you will be able to use the three settings down the side to clean up the background or clean the foreground.