Making Personalized Picture Frames Yourself

If you don’t want to shell out so much cash for home décor, then you can tap into your creativity to make personalized picture frames. Not only will they be tailor-fit to your tastes, they will also be custom-built according to your needs. They will be unique and infused with your own personality. Here are some ideas on do-it-yourself personalized picture frames.

Jazz up an Old Frame

You can breathe new life into old frames simply by repainting them or adding new embellishments. If you want to give them a weathered look, you can sandpaper over the paint, making the frames look worn and vintage. You can also paint some patterns, or head to your craft store to pick up some jewels and decals that you can stick on the frame.

Let Nature Help

Gather some old twigs, sticks and bamboo during your walks. You can use these to create a nature-themed picture frame. Stick them together, or wrap them around with some twine. Create a rectangular frame out of it, and then repaint it for a more professional finish. You can also simply salvage old parts for some wood that you can craft into a picture frame. 

Keep Those Boxes

Cardboard boxes make for very versatile picture frames. You can simple crop them up into rectangles, and place your pictures in the middle. If you want to make them more colorful, paint or decorate the cardboard frames. For a more DIY look, you can cut the cardboard frames into different funky shapes, like thought bubbles or hearts. If you’re feeling creative, cut and paste the cardboard into different size rings. Place pictures inside the ring, some in front and some at the back. Hang these rings on the wall, and you have a funky conversation piece that displays your choice photographs.