Making Digital Photo Printer Photos Appear Professional

Digital photo printer photos may look great on their own, but sometimes when they are compared with professionally developed photos, they can look lacking. There are a few tips which can be used to make your printed photos look much more professional and useful.

With the right equipment and materials, it is possible to create stunning and high quality photo prints directly from your own computer. It's even possible to create prints directly from the camera itself with the right types of printers.

Choosing a Good Photo Printer

When choosing a photo printer, you will quickly learn that you're spoilt for choice. There are many different types of photo printers available, each of which will work slightly differently. It's important to choose the right one for your requirements.

If you want to print directly from your camera, then you might consider a small portable photo printer. These are typically limited to printing traditional photo sized photos of 4"x6" or 7"x12". They often use thermal technology, which can print very high quality photos; these do not require ink as they use a special type of paper with ink already on it. This means that the paper will be more expensive.


Inkjet is one of the most popular types of photo printer currently available. An ink jet printer works in a different way to your photo lab; it sprays liquid ink onto a sheet of paper where it dries to form your photo. Many inkjet photo printers have extra colors to make up more realistic shades and the results are effective.


Color lasers have come a very long way over the years and are capable of reproducing high quality art work and photos very quickly. A color laser doesn't use liquid ink; instead it uses plastic powder called toner. This is then melted onto the surface of the paper which means it can print on virtually anything which won't itself melt.

Choosing Paper

The paper you use will depend on the type of printer you're using. With an inkjet printer, you can use any paper, however, if you try to use standard plain paper to print a photo, you will discover that the results are less than satisfactory. This is because paper is porous and so much ink will make the paper soggy.

In order to use an inkjet paper, you must use photo quality paper. This photo paper is either matte or gloss and is designed to make the ink sit on top of the paper rather than allowing it to soak in. This will create much more realistic results.

When using a color laser, you can print on virtually anything because the ink doesn't soak into the paper. This means that you would be able to print high quality photos on nothing more than a sheet of plain paper.

Maintaining Your Printer

Inkjet printers have a bad habit of clogging up. If this happens, one or more colors will fail to print leaving your photos looking very unrealistic. Run your printers cleaning cycles and head alignment utilities whenever you notice a deterioration in quality of print outs.

Setting the Correct Mode on Your Printer

When printing, you will normally have a few different modes to choose from. Normally, the slower printing modes will produce higher quality photos, so it's certainly worth experimenting with these. An inkjet photo is very slow to create a photo on its highest setting, but this shouldn't be that much of a problem as you can queue up a few photos and walk away.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: