Making Cool Camera Bags from Ugly Ones

There are a lot of cool camera bags on the market, but if you want to truly stand out, you should give your creativity a test drive and come up with your own. You don't have to make a camera bag from scratch. You're probably stuck with an old, plain and boring bag. Instead of shopping for a new one, why not try follow these tips on how to make a cool camera bag from your ugly one.

Step 1: Think of Your Design

Look for design inspiration around you or on the web. Browse through your favorite graphics, look through different design websites, and even flip through fashion magazines to see what works. If you're not much of an artist, then maybe you can acquire graphic prints that are easy to find. Decide on how you want your camera bag to look, and pick a suitable pattern.

Step 2: Know What Would Stick

Before you plan an art attack on your ugly camera bag, find out what material it's made of and what would stick to it. If your bag is made of canvas or cloth, iron-on appliqu├ęs and decals would stick on it. If you want to glue some beads and stones onto it, find out what type of glue you would need. Your best bet would be industrial-type super glue or a glue gun. If you simply want to draw on it with colored marker, do a test on an inside corner or at the bottom to see if your marker will stick or smudge.

Step 3: Buy Supplies

Go out to your fabric store or art supplies store to gather the materials you would need. If you simply want to print a pattern and iron it on, then get a good specialty paper for that. If you want to sew on a pattern, get the fabric design you want. You can browse through the different accessories available at the fabric shop too. They may have cool and funky patches that you can sew on or iron on. Don't forego the funky button pins that you may encounter. These are also fun to add to an otherwise boring bag.

Step 4: Art Attack

This is the part where you let your creativity go wild. For those who want a more feminine touch to their bags, you might want to consider gluing studs or rhinestones. You can also pin a flower or pretty plushie on it. For those who want a more masculine design, you can iron on some patches or add a whole bunch of colorful buttons on it. Those who are good illustrators might want to attack the bag with a bunch of colored Sharpies, and create a unique mural or graffiti. For those who want to play it safe, you can also simply print out a design on iron-on paper, and iron it on your camera bag.

Whatever type of design you want for your bag, decorating it will give you some creative freedom. Making a cool camera bag from your boring one will also add personality to an otherwise boring piece.

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