Making an Impressive Ornate Picture Frame

Just as light is a component of the composition of a picture, an ornate picture frame is a component of the art work as a whole. There are many details to consider before putting your project or piece of art into a picture frame and showing off your talent.

Step 1: Choose the Theme

A wide known general rule is the less objects in the picture, the more ornaments are allowed. Depending on the theme of the picture, choose the material; both metal and wooden frames can be sprayed in a particular way to look retro, or the simplicity of the material can be shown to create a modern look. According to the topic, choose the pattern. The most popular are floral motifs, butterflies, all types of leaves, and also modern cubical and urban designs.

Step 2: Choose the Style and Color Temperature

The ornate frame very much depends on the style of the picture. For instance, a beach can be presented in a fun, romantic, dark way. When it comes to ornate frames, in most cases it is good to keep the line of harmony. Also take a look at the predominant type and color of lines in the composition. For instance, a cubical look in the picture will not match well with filigree ornaments.

Step 3: Choose the Elements

Besides the material, thickness, style and color, your frame also needs other components that you need to think about. The mat is a border to keep the picture from the frame and the glass, and it can be any color you choose (to enhance your picture). The glass should be completely clean on the inside when you put it. Use photograph corners to enhance the stability of the picture itself. Before finishing with the back, use a piece of thick cardboard for support; put some acid free paper behind the picture first and you are done.