Making a Wooden Picture Frame at Home

A wooden picture frame provides excellent casing for your cherished images and also proves to be very decorative for your home. It is easy to make a wooden picture frame at home, thus saving on the costs of buying one from the shop.

Step 1: Choosing the Wood

The beauty of using wood is that you have a choice of different natural wood colors. So, make the choice of wood according to the color which will best suit your wall or décor. When you buy the wood, also consider the grain on the piece as it accentuates the natural beauty of wood.

Step 2: Shaping and Sawing

The wood will have to be planed to get a smooth surface and then you need to cut the four pieces with a saw, which will form the frame. The length of these pieces will depend on the size of your photo or picture. As for the width, it is your personal choice (whether you want more of the wood to be seen or would like to give only a thin outline to your picture).

Flat pieces of wood are not going to make a decorative frame and hence you will need to shape the pieces forming a slope (and maybe make some grooves for more appeal). The ends of these pieces will be cut at 45 degree angles so as to make ninety degree angles when they are joined. Provide a groove at the back of each piece where the glass will fit.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

The four pieces of wood that are readied will need to be joined with a strong wooden adhesive. Now cut the glass to the size of rectangular groove you have provided behind and fit it into the groove. Place your photo or picture on the glass, and then cover the whole back portion of the frame with a mat board. Glue it in place. Screw a metal ring at the top center so that the frame can be hung.