Making a Wireless Home Security Camera Yourself

It's very easy to design and make a wireless home security camera yourself. You might already have many of the components required lying around to assemble and make your camera.

Step 1: Finding a Camera

The main component required is a camera. You need to find a web cam which is normally connected by a USB or Ethernet cable. The easiest type to use would be a network cable, but USB cameras will also suffice. The length of the cable isn't that important since you are converting it into a wireless security camera.

Step 2: Using Wireless Routers

You now need to convert the web cam or IP camera into a wireless security camera. To do this, you will need to purchase two wireless routers, both of these need to have USB ports available.

Step 3: Setting up the Network

Connect the wireless router to your Internet connection, and then connect the other one to your security camera. This makes it very easy to wirelessly access the video stream.

Now, connect your routers to a power outlet. Normally, most webcams will draw the power they need from the USB port, however, it's also possible to find some cameras which require an additional power source.

Step 4: Installing the Camera

Fix the camera wherever you want to film. Remember that you will need to position the wireless router nearby. If you are using the camera outside, then you will need to use a housing which will keep your camera protected from the weather.

Step 5: Installing Software

Install the webcam software on your computer, and set it up to use the remote camera. You might also like to purchase specialist security software. This is designed to automatically start recording as soon as movement is detected. The videos are recorded straight to your computers hard drive.