Making a Softbox for Cheap

A Softbox provides a soft and even lighting effect which is ideal for a shoot. The only problem is that this light modifying equipment is quite expensive when you purchase it at a photography store. To overcome this problem, let's see how you can make a softbox cheaply with commonly available materials.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

You will need the light, white cardboard or foam covers, tape, glue, knife, scissors and a white polyester sheet.

Step 2: Getting the Dimensions Right

The dimensions of the white box you are going to make will basically depend on the size of your light and its intensity, as it will be fitted in front of it. For example, if you are using a 500 watts helium lamp, then one end of the softbox will fit the shape of this lamp. The other end will be about three times more in size.

Step 3: Cutting and Taping

Draw a trapezium on the cardboard or sheet where one end is the width of your lamp and the other side is three times that size. The other two sides are equal. Cut out four such shapes, and tape the sides together. The result will be like a conical cover, but only with straight sides without any curves.

Step 4: Setting It Up

The smaller end of the cardboard structure will cover the light and the other end has to be covered with a well-ironed white polyester sheet. You can set up the box on a stand or table by which it is in front of the light and there is no light escaping from the sides. The sheet can either be taped on or just use clips. Switch on the light and you have a fine soft light falling on your subject.