Making a Rustic Picture Frame at Home

A rustic picture frame is a great way to show off photographs and pictures, especially if the object is woodsy or rustic itself. But, these frames can be expensive if you buy them at traditional stores or even art fairs. You can, however, make your own, which shows off your own personality. These frames are fairly easy to make, so even beginners should be able to pick how to make these.

Step 1: Deciding on Your Medium

You need to pick a medium that you can work with. Twigs and branches are the easiest, but you can also make frames from pieces of barn wood, fence or tree trunks or large branches. If you are planning on using some of the latter methods, you need to know how to use a saw since you will have to cut these pieces in half.

Further, you will also have to make mitre cuts (slanted cuts where the two pieces fit together). So, only experienced saw users should attempt this method.

Step 2: Using Twigs

To create a twig frame, gather up different types of twigs and find an old frame. Thrift stores or garage sales are great places to find these. Cut the twigs so that they do not overlap the edges of the frame. Place them on the frame that you know how they should fit, and then make an outline of the twigs on the frame. Number these outlines.

Remove the twigs, but give each one a number that corresponds to the place on the frame. Then, start gluing them down based on their numbered position. Let them dry.

Step 3: Using Saw-Cut Wood

Before you make the mitre cuts of your wood, line them up to determine whether or not they fit together. Make the mitre cuts, and then you have the choice of either nailing or gluing the edges together.

If you glue them, clamp the edges in place until they are dry. If you do not have glass to fit your frame, then you must go to a hardware store that sells glass and get one cut to fit your frame.