Making a Dummy Security Camera for Your Business

Using Dummy Security cameras can be a great way to protect your business without spending too much money. Normal security cameras are very expensive but do work very well. Cameras are both a deterrent and a means of catching people who steal from your business. By using dummy cameras, you can get the same deterrent benefits (but it won't actually record anything).

Dummy cameras are much cheaper to buy, and it's even possible to make your own. This will give a warning to anyone who walks past your business, as they will assume that they are being recorded.

Buying Equipment

There are several different ways that you can make a dummy security camera. The option you choose will depend on your skills and how much time you want to invest. The easiest option is to buy a camera housing. This is simply a weatherproof box which would normally include a camera. However, these are what most people will notice rather than the camera itself.

Quite often, just mounting a camera housing on your wall will be a deterrent and prevent people from breaking in. If you're better at DIY, then you might want to have a go at making your own camera. The easiest material for people to work with is wood. You can try to fashion a security camera type shape and then paint it. From a distance, this will look pretty realistic, however, up close you might be able to tell that it's not real.

Mounting the Security Camera

Once you have made or chosen the equipment that you want to buy, you can get to work fixing it in place. If you chose to buy camera housing, then this should come with fixings and instructions. Follow the instructions and make sure that the dummy camera is mounted securely.