Making a Camera Bag Tripod Attachment

Are you looking to make a camera bag tripod? Not all camera bags are equipped to carry a tripod, and manufacturers only offer the ability to carry tripods on bags that are more expensive. If you already own a camera bag and want it to have the ability to carry your tripod, then there are ways to make your own alterations.

Temporary Solutions

Let's say you have a gig and need to take slightly more gear than you can carry. It just booked very quickly and is happening immediately. You don't have a car and need to take a train to get there. There's also not enough time to buy the bag you need. How do you pull this off?

If you have some rope and knowledge of knots, then you'll survive. There are 4 knots that you need to know: the bowline, clove hitch, slip knot and trucker's hitch.

If you have a sling pack, then pack to the bag. Once you're sure the bag is packed, take two pieces of rope that are about two feet long. Tie a bowline knot on one end of each piece. Place the tripod on top of the bag. Place the rope over the tripod over the bag, and pull the other end of the rope through the bowline so that the tightening of the rope attaches the tripod to the bag. Once it is tight, you will tie it in place with a trucker's hitch. We use the trucker hitch because it is effective at holding the knot in place and can be easily undone when it's completed it's use.

You can do this with a backpack too, but there could be a better way if the backpack bag has points where you can tie off to. This will make the attachment less cumbersome. Tie a clove hitch to one point. Use the free end of the rope to loop through the other point. Next, use a slip knot that's close to the clove hitch to pull the rope through. Place the tripod under the rope and pull it tight. Tie a trucker's hitch to the slip knot, and you can carry the tripod on your back.

Permanent Fix

Really, the best permanent way to get a tripod attachment on your bag is to buy one that already has it; this will last longer. But, you can buy the same straps used on backpacks and sew them into your bag. All long as it attaches the tripod to the bag by using tension, it will work.

Popular Tripods: